Adrian Ardelean


Day 1 - Introduction

Hello lovely readers, my name is Adrian Florin Ardelean. I am a freelance film-maker based in London and this is my new blog. Now i'm not much of a writer but i would like to post as many tutorials and experiences i have as a film-maker. 

To tell you all a bit about myself, i was born in Romania and from since i remember i was sucked into the film world. Learning English from cartoons and American films i discovered the beauty of film-making. Withdrawing information from films and reenacting it in my long ours of lego play. My first film was a animation inspired by Star Wars (huge fan by the way), and after that my journey began. When i was 15 i started to practicing Aikido (funnily enough, it was because of Steven Seagal),  there i met 3 of my friends who which i started making films with. After we found out about a film-festival called Green Teen Spirit organised by National Geographic Romania, we submitted our first film called "Plastic Kills" (you can find it on YouTube). 

Going to GTS i submerged myself in the culture of film-making, meeting professionals from around the world, after that i was invited to the Let's Go Digital film workshop which was part of the Transylvanian International Film Festival, there is where i further progressed and experienced the beauty of film-making, enhancing my skills and learning the beauty of storytelling. 

At the age of 19 i arrived in United Kingdom to start my Film and Moving Image course at Norwich University of the Arts (or in my days, Norwich University College of the Arts). Skipping 3 years later i remained in Norwich working on various small projects until i finally made the big move to the big smoke where i decided to become a freelance Film-maker. 

Now i am doing various projects for clients such as SCIEX, PREMIER ESTATE WINES, NOSAKHARI, ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, AIRCHARGE. At this point i can't give that much advice as i am still learning, but as long as you put the time and effort the sky is your limit. Don't be afraid to approach clients, also in your quite periods, get that pair of shoes that you love, or that coat and shoot, shoot, shoot. 

I will keep you updated with more later. 

Adrian Ardelean