Adrian Ardelean


Day 2 - Location scouting in Budapest

Hello lovely readers, i hope everyone is getting on with their creative projects whether it is in film, photography or art in general. I thought i would drop a couple of lines to share my thoughts about a recent trip i did to Budapest last week. 

As some of you might know, i am a London-based documentary and fashion film-maker. So even thought i usually take on both commercial and documentary projects this post is more relevant to the documentary/no-budget side of my film-making. So to get back on track, a couple of days ago i traveled to Budapest... what started as a short holiday, developed into a full day of location scouting and i got to hand it to you Hungry you're on beautiful lady. The streets are narrow with beautifully preserved buildings from the Austria-Hungary empire days. This place needs to be explored more. So for all you film-makers out there that want a cheap escape from London, you can always look at timing your projects right and pick yourself some cheap flights to Budapest and do a day shoot in there, if you're lucky you can pick up tickets for about £2 which is amazing. 

Also i would recommend always having a camera on you, even your iphone is a good tool to use to basically form your eye for composition, i always have either my sony a7s or my fujifilm x100 on me at all time in case i see a cool location that i might use in any of my films. 

I have attached a couple of shots bellow from the trip and also i will follow it with another episode from my "Urban Abstract" personal project. You can check the other episodes on my youtube channel. 

Adrian Ardelean