Adrian Ardelean


Day 4 - Celebrate Your Difference

So 2016 has finished, let's start this 2017 with a BANG. So as some of you might know, i have spent most of last year and i will spend most of this year working with Nosakhari to bring to light all the individual artists out there that are celebrating their difference. 

This started out as a simple project where i obviously had to ask my talented friends if they wanted to take part in the project, but slowly developed in a fast growing community. Now in 2017, i will be expanding from London and go around the whole of U.K., Norway, South Korea, Spain, Romania and many more. 

Life as a film-maker is truly exciting, especially when you get to meet so many talented people that inspire you along the way. For more information, watch the trailer bellow and also make sure to visit for more information. 

Adrian Ardelean