Adrian Ardelean


Day 15 - Scouting locations Paris

A couple of weeks ago i managed to pop to Paris to look for some locations for a film project i will be doing soon. One of the reason i chose Paris is because of the distinct architecture but also because one of the talents lives there. 

So i spent 3 days looking up and around to find the best places to film. Initially i was looking for various contemporary locations to film, but that proved difficult. So i decided to change my plan and just find interesting locations. 


Louvre is not only one of the most renowned gallery hosting some of the most famous art pieces, but it's also a great location with interesting features to film. Open spaces with loads of great angles to approach different shots. The only problem is ... tourists. You would need to go there way off season or early in the morning to get any good shots. 



Just Paris in general is great as a location, the architecture is beautiful and every corner that you take will be a great scene for your film.