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Day 13 - How to tell a story

Learning how to tell a story is part of who we are. To be honest it is not something that we learn as we all have the skill, we just need to carv it out of us. From prehistoric times humans developed a nature to tell stories whether they were inspired by true events or inspired by our creative minds. 

So through this post I’d like to take a moment and talk to you about something that I have been learning recently. Storytelling is something I personally have always struggled with, but I always looked up to people who can tell a good story, always used to pay attention to the way they tell the story. If you pay attention enough you will see a pattern, it’s always the pauses, the tone and also the actions that combine make a good story and I know that because my dad plays the best role in my storytelling development. 


Ideas come to me through various mediums. It's either through seeing certain photos or various people. I would encourage everyone that reads this to grab as many books as you can, or you can alternatively look get out more and just find inspiring locations that will get you to start writing a scene. Also i encourage reading various blogs or listening to various podcasts such as:

Getting in a routine is great but i would advise to try something else every day... you drink coffee every morning, try having a different tea every morning or a different blend of coffee every week. Another thing that i have started doing is cooking. Because storytelling is all about having the right ingredients to make a good story i would encourage you to actually start cooking yourself breakfast or dinner or both. If you are complaining that you don't have time... MAKE TIME.

Larsson and Jennings

2.manage your time

There are 24hours in a day make sure you allocate some time for 4 things:

  1. WORK

I would encourage doing something different everyday if it's changing your route to work, or what you have for lunch. The little differences in experiences will make an impact onto your creative process, plus it's time for you to go out there and experience the world. 

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3. get out of your comfort zone

The amount of times you might have heard this is probably unbelievable, but when there's a little bit of truth behind it you you won't dispute it. The same way as you've always been told to wait an hour after you've eaten before you go swimming (that might have just been me, who knows). But i found myself trapped in a comfort zone where i realised i had nothing to say. Realising afterwords that it's because i haven't experienced things properly. And so i realised this and got out into the world and started talking to people and only to realised what i actually stand behind. And that brings me to the next chapter, have a VOICE!

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4. Having a voicE

Having a voice is so important. You see these days a lot of people calling themselves storytellers doing travel videos and online content that has no story behind. I have nothing against it, heck, i'm one of those people myself because at the moment that is where the money is. But does that bring me satisfaction? Not really.

I much prefer to shoot something that has meaning, something that people can rally behind, but you can't do that if you don't have a voice or have an opinion. I have struggled a lot with this idea and i know a lot of young film-makers are going through the same thing as i am... how do you get to the big clients. Now i tell you this, you need first of all be patient, and second of all have passion projects on the go. They will get you the clients, but only if you have a voice to give them. 

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I would say this for me is the hardest, purely because english is not my first language and secondly because i was never good at writing. Always creative, but never putting things down on paper, so what did i do? I started writing, with the help of proof readers and other friends and family who are a massive inspiration i've started to make some progress. Most of my films are silent but with a narrative and that's because i personally haven't fully got the grasp of writing. So i recommend you getting on courses for writing, or just keep a journal and write down your experiences, read scripts and have readings with people to get feedback because they will be your viewers so you need to listen and make sure your story comes across clear. A good book to read about this is George Orwell " Why I Write " you can pick a copy for about £5 from Amazon i'll put the link here

The Video bellow is an example of different mediums you can tell a story, i think working with Jake Philips, the creative director from Larsson & Jennings was such a great experience because we were bouncing ideas of each other in order to get the story of the brand out there. Through the power of video editing and a strong concept the result was really satisfying. 


To wrap this up let's just recap everything i'd recommend you to:

  • Look into finding what inspires you (what gets you all fired up).
  • Make sure you make time for yourself, meditation, friends, work, food.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Find your voice.
  • Write, write, read and then write some more. 
Larsson and Jennings behind the scenes with Adrian Ardelean
larsson and jennings behind the scenes with Adrian Ardelean