Adrian Ardelean


Day 6 - Filming with Dan Gregory

On Friday the 24th of February, i had the pleasure to rejoin with my old uni friend and Norwich based fine artist Daniel Gregory. I had the pleasure to film him for the Nosakhari London Celebrate platform and i gotta say it was great. 

I haven't seen Dan in probably around 4 months and i never got to know this inspirational side of him. Truthful and open, Dan told me his story of how he became a furniture maker, talking about his process and his ideal goal. 

There is nothing more honourable and admirable than someone that just loves what they do. Dan mentioned to me that his goal would be to get a bigger studio so he could create bigger and better things. 

Referring back to my earlier post (here), it wouldn't have been possible to get in so much depth with Dan, if i wouldn't have built a relationship with him, i wish i would have spent even more time with him to create offer you guys a better insight in the life of a maker, but maybe soon we can all get paid for our work and so we can spend more time doing what we love.

View Dan's work here.