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Day 9 - Filming with Tom Humphrey

"Things develop all the time, and it's exciting."

Here we are again, back with a new blog. So a year ago i had the pleasure to film some of my friends from the Fairhurst Gallery and Frame shop in Norwich. The main owner, Tom Humphery took time from his busy schedule to talk to me about how he became a framer and the beauty of preserving art can bring someone such joy (you can watch the full video here). 


The Fairhurst Gallery is a art gallery and workshop based in Norwich, Norfolk. The Workshop offers a range of professional artistic services, combining traditional skills with modern techniques and materials to produce the finest hand finished picture frames. Their team of conservation and restoration experts that can offer advice on oil painting cleaning and restoration, paper conservation, frame suitability and repair, mould making, gilding and artwork installation and collection care.

Method of filming

Now, to refer back to my older post about documentary film-making (click here if you missed this post) it was important for me to get establish a relationship with Tom, before he would have opened up to me. Because this was one of the first projects i made in this style, i have to say that one of the things that i learned from it was, the questions. When you're doing an interview make sure you nail down your questions, but always be prepared for the unexpected as things may drift in an unpredictable way. 

Knowing what your end video would look and be like will help a lot when you formulate your questions and direct the person you're interviewing. 

I guess this is all the advice i can give you all for now, will definitely be back with more soon. 

Adrian Ardelean