Adrian Ardelean


Day 8 - Filming with Kelly Ludgrove

Documentary filming 1-0-1

And here we are again, more experiences and more details to talk about. Today we are not going to talk about the struggle but instead we will talk about solving problems and the importance of taking your time when doing a project. 

Unexpected inspiration

A couple of weeks ago at the end of February i went to film my breakdance teacher and very good friend Kelly Ludgrove (aka Kel FX) to seek out her source of inspiration and what drives her passion for woodwork. After a great interview i took some b-roll and then i had to head back to London. Now a couple of weeks later i started editing the pieces together to realise this powerful message that we can all relate to and that is the importance of creativity in our lives. Kelly said

" That drive to have creativity in my life is rewarding, it's fulfilling. So i'm fulfilling myself and if i wasn't doing that, then i wouldn't be a happy person...and i am. "

To me that quote shows and expresses the reason why most of us as not just film-makers but as artists in general, need to create. It's a thirst for knowledge and a journey few people fully experience. 

Film-Making progress

So now that i have the base interview set, i would normally just add some random b-roll and get it over and done with. But i feel this has a lot more potential and i want to make it look as beautiful as the message it sends. So together with Photographer/Graphic Designer Tom Barrett will set to get this project done by the end of the month, with the release of the video on the Nosakhari London platform, in May.