Adrian Ardelean


Day 7 - Filming with Owen Meredith


Oh boy where do i begin, i have met Owen about 4 or 5 years ago when i was studying film in Norwich and so it makes me so proud to see him grow into the talented your artist he is now. 

Owen's background was in graphic design as that was what he studied and he always loved to draw, and that is why sitting in front of a computer was really not the best lifestyle for him. I remember when he got his first tattoo, he basically got the craving for it, and so he got another one, and another one until he realised that was his calling. 

Seeing him being so focused and so, how do you say... on it, really inspires me as well. Through him, it shows that putting in the effort, time and patience you can sharpen your skills. One big part that plays into his success (apart from his talent) is through his social media presence which i think it is really important in the days that we are living. 

Filming with A tattoo artist

Now filming with Owen was not really easy, as i had to go back and forth a couple of times to film him, getting the right story was crucial and also it was important to film and document his progress, that is why on the release date of the Celebrate series from Nosakhari you will see that locations change and also he has as well, which in a way i think it's important, when you try to capture someone's key moments in their life. 

The Nosakhari celebrate episode featuring Owen's talk about progression will be released in late April.