Adrian Ardelean


Day 11 - Filming a fashion film

So last month was pretty intense. I spent most of it filming for LaneForyfive in Italy for this amazing fashion video series. So i must apologies to you all for not writing a bit more consistent work. 

Filming a different kind of fashion videO

One of the things i love about working with LaneFortyfive, is the level of detail going into these clothes. The detail in the garments needs to show in the videos and also every piece needs to have a story.

Film-shoot vs Photoshoot

This is an important thing to remember when the client asks you to film abroad or anywhere else. Because most clients think that a video shoot is easy, and that they can save money by combining the two. Well if you are a client reading this please understand that they are two different things. Unless you are planning to shoot a BTS (Behind The Scenes) video then you can do that without a problem. But if you want a nice slick video and a great photoshoot make sure you divide time for both.

The conflict between photographer and film-maker. Luckily i haven't had this problem and touch wood i won't have it anytime soon. But i would imagine getting annoying trying to get in that sweet spot for stills and filming. Also both filming and photography ( when there is a bigger shoot ) requires a lot of crew. 

Shooting B-roll

If you're filming abroad, i would only suggest to shoot a significant amount of b-roll. You have to remember that going back to that place is not an option (or not in budget). Once you're on that plane you can't shoot anymore (unless it's detailed shots). Sot take time to be an explorer and get used to attention to detail as that will make your film better. Also you won't bang your head on the table because you're missing that one shot you wished you had.