Adrian Ardelean


Day 12 - Filming with Photographer/stylist Carole Poirot

Filming with Carole Poirot was probably the best experience. Not only from the fact that she is an amazing person, but also because of how i have crossed paths with her. 

As most of you probably know, i co-run a photography studio in South London called ‘Clapham Studios’ and Carole is one of our customers there. After getting to meet her a little bit and reading her blog, i realised her values and her vision on the creative process aligns with the ones of the brand Nosakhari who i am doing the series ‘Celebrate Your Difference’ with. 

The great thing with doing these micro-documentaries is getting to meet some interesting people and also discover unexpected things about them. For example, Carole in my opinion is a talented photographer, but through doing this documentary i discovered that she actually studied interior design and her style of photography derives from a combination of stylistic vision and passion for photography and capturing the moment. This is important, for us creatives and also our clients, in order to understand that an image/film needs more than just one person to make it as close to perfect as possible. 

Another thing that we can learn from Carole, is that in order to develop your own style you need to combine your passions. For example, don’t get a food photographer to photograph a car. If he doesn’t love cars he won’t know how to showcase it properly. 

Make sure to check out Carole’s work or take part in her styling workshops by clicking here

Adrian Ardelean